Best Double DIN Head Unit

If you are thinking about buying a new car stereo, there are some things you will want to consider, such as the size of the unit. When you are installing a car stereo, you will want to ensure that it fits correctly. If your car’s opening for a radio is eight inches wide and four inches in length, you will need to find a double DIN head unit.

A regular sized DIN unit is only eight inches by two inches. You need to find the best unit that can fit your budget easily with this list. Finding the best head unit can be easy, once you know the size that you need.

Top 5 DIN Head Units in 2017



This unit is also a GPS system and radio as well. This head unit has a touch screen and runs on an Android processor. It also has 16GB worth of internal memory. You can even download mobile applications to this unit or use offline satellites for GPS capabilities.

There is Wi-Fi built in and you can also connect through Bluetooth. Connecting through Bluetooth allows you to use hands free calling options. The HD screen offers great quality while playing a DVD as well. This is one of the best double DIN head units if you are looking for a portable DVD player for your car as well.

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Pioneer FH-X731BT

Pioneer FH-X731BT

This model includes Bluetooth pairing so that you can have hands free calling. Connecting through Bluetooth can also allow you to stream music through mobile applications, such as Pandora and Spotify. You can even download the Pioneer ARC app because this radio is compatible.

This stereo also includes a CD player, which can be helpful if the radio becomes unavailable in remote areas. This unit also displays information about the audio file that is playing. It can tell you who is performing, the song title, and other information as well.

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Kenwood DPX502BT

Kenwood DPX502BT

This head unit has a lot of great features. You can listen to music through the radio, Bluetooth connections, USB connections, a CD, or Sirius XM. You can connect either a smart phone, iPod, or MP3 player to the radio to listen to saved music. This radio also comes with a remote so that someone else can easily change the music while you focus on driving.

You can easily make and receiving phone calls once the radio is connected to your smart phone through Bluetooth. You can listen to Sirius XM if you have a paid subscription. You can set your favorite AM and FM channels so that they can be accessed with the touch of a button. The radio also features a display screen to show you who is performing and what song they are singing.

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Jensen VX3022

vJensen VX3022

This model allows you to connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth. Once connected, you can play music that is downloaded onto your phone, music from a mobile application, or watch a video on your phone. You can also listen to music by inserting a CD. This unit will also play DVDs on its 6.2 inch HD touch screen.

You can charge your phone and other devices through the USB port on the front of the radio. You can also connect to devices that are not Bluetooth capable to stream music. You can also control the radio from your steering wheel, if your car is compatible. This head unit is sure to provide hours of entertainment in your vehicle.

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Corehan 6.2 Inch Radio


This radio operates on an Android operating system with quad core processors. If you would like to install a rearview camera onto your vehicle, you will be able to view the area behind you on this stereo. This stereo is also Bluetooth capable. You can listen to music or stream videos from your phone when connected to this radio.

This unit will also provide you with GPS navigation and maps to help your trips go smoother. There are also two slots to place your SD cards into. The radio will read your SD cards to listen to your music. You can also place a DVD into this unit and watch it on the premium quality screen that is over six inches.

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When your car can hold a double DIN unit, you can add a great stereo to your vehicle. You can easily find the best units for your vehicle that will fit all your needs. You can find one that will also allow you to play DVDs, have GPS capabilities and other great features as well.