Best Headrest DVD Player

Devices specifically designed for accessing media files have been very successful electronics on the market in the past two decades. Among them, we can mention the DVD player that has come to almost completely replace the old VHS tape players which many people used to watch movies in the 90s. Even from its market launch in 1997, this type of device has attracted the attention of many users, reaching well today to be more beat-performing Blu-ray player. But for those who want to enjoy a good quality playback and mostly just to see movies or other videos on DVD, such a device is sufficiently constituted a far cheaper solution. Any driver, who wants to enjoy watching movies on his automobile, will have to consider many factors when choosing a car DVD player. First, you should consider the type of vehicle you are driving. Best headrest DVD player for your car will have to fit well in the space available, to provide increased flexibility regarding the types of supported storage media (DVD, SD card or USB stick). It also matters a lot how easy it can be installed.

Different types of DVD Players

If you want to have such a device for a car, the most recommended models are those with gripping’s ceiling or mounted on the headrest. Space is limited in a car, and the device must be appropriate dimensions in the interior of your car.


Personally, I think the best player for a normal car is the one that comes with the headrest. It installs easily, has zippered pouch that is not visible from outside when the car is parked. It reads movies and music on DVD, SD cards or USB sticks. This is a great advantage, because it offers speed and flexibility, especially when you’re in a hurry and before you go home and remember to copy a movie onto your USB stick.

Ceiling Mounted

Another model is one who has the catching type by attaching itself to the car roof. It is, however, difficult to install and therefore I prefer the headrest model. However, if you have technical skills or use a skilled mechanic, it seems more beneficial and successful to have this type on the ceiling. The device mounted on the ceiling is still more appropriate for machines that have something more interior space, for example, minibusses. Besides offering more space, minibus passengers are sitting on several lines, and a device mounted on the ceiling will be visible even in the back row. It remains only to consider what size screen you want to have.


Other types that can be used in the car are portable. These devices are designed to be worn anywhere; not necessarily for use in automobiles. Therefore, they are equipped with a battery that will ensure autonomy. They are very suitable for automotive use because they are small, lightweight and can be placed anywhere. Especially taxi drivers or truck drivers are pleased with these portable DVD players because you can put them on the board and can power the outlet of the car.

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Headrest DVD Player

Audio media players include a DVD player performance and real car media centers. Prices are quite large, as the performance. Besides the basic functions, you can even get advanced GPS integrated into the dashboard. These media players are installed in the vehicle instead of CD player. There are variants with folding screen, which ranks a single CD player, but there are also versions with fixed screen, which ranks second CD players. Therefore, you should know very well before how large is the place in the dashboard of your car, for installation of such media center for your car.

Best Brands

When you plan to equip your vehicle with the best ingredients, being for technical reasons or strictly for the utility, comfort, and your entertainment and for those who you will carry with your personal car, you cannot omit from the list of acquisitions a good headrest DVD player. The key is the compatibility with the vehicle and adaptation size should be in check with the standards. The largest electronics companies in the world are also making headrest DVD players. The best brands on the market now are Eincar, RCA, and Xtrons. The Eincar unit on Android 5.1 with quad core processor comes equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a touchscreen. Also, has GPS navigation and can support up to 1080p videos. The RCA comes with a free game controller for a better game experience. The Xtrons product with HDMI port can support up to 1080p videos and is removable and portable.

Overview of the Top 5 Headrest DVD Players

EinCar 7 ” Android 5.1 Car Stereo Radio

I have selected this model for those who want a quality device. It is about the EinCar 7 ” Android 5.1 Car Stereo Radio, a capable multimedia device equipped with a host of useful functions and optimized to the actual requirements. It can play video files formats and supports types like MP3, WAVE, WMA, MP4, WMV, RMVB, MPEG, and MKV. Has a built-in GPS navigation system, very important when traveling by car, especially in situations when you are heading to an unknown destination. In addition, the device includes radio tuner with FM and AM. The touch screen allows easy and quick setting. The design is compact and very stylish. The product comes with a warranty of one year.

EinCar 7” Capacitive Screen

This model comes with high quality, offering pleasurable audio experiences both to the driver and the passengers in the car. It is a device according to those who tend to listen to their favorite tunes with heavy volume. The model allows connection to an Android smartphone and browses files stored therein. PC software can be used to create a playlist, which then listens to in the car via USB. With the Bluetooth adapter, you can engage in hands-free telephone conversations, which allows you to make safely all the driving maneuvers. The design of the device is very interesting and attractive. The player includes a radio tuner with FM and AM, being a radio model at a good price.

RCA DRC62705E24

Here is a model of cheap headrest DVD player but with good quality, accessible to any user. Even if shows a low acquisition price, the model is equipped with the most important basic functions. The unit is compatible with CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW disc types and supports WMA and MP3 audio formats. It is a device for those who tend to listen to music while driving with moderate volume, considering that this is the most enjoyable audio experience. The design is simple, friendly black. The menu is intuitive and facilitates navigation among the options offered. The installation can be performed even by the user, without requiring a specialist. The series of benefits ends here because the warranty which accompanies the product is valid for only 90 days. Overall, this model is the ideal solution for those who need a device at a cheap price.

XTRONS 2×10.1 Inch Twin Pair Slim

This product is a quality device equipped with a touchscreen of 10.1 inches. It has a resolution of 1024 x 600 with optimum brightness and contrast of colors, so as to allow viewing images in the best conditions. The performance of this item is guaranteed by excellent compatibility with many formats and amazing series of built-in functions. The product provides an extremely elegant design, suitable for any car and is easy to use. Even if it is a model of good quality, because bears the imprint of renowned producer Xtrons, this auto multimedia player shows an excellent ratio between quality and price.

Pair Rockville RHP7-BK

If you are among people who are interested in identifying the best items, then this particular model deserves your attention. Rockville RHP7-BK is a high end item which ensures a professional sound for all passengers. For ease of use, it is equipped with a touch screen. Thus, you can listen to music, play videos or photos and watch movies while you are in the car, all in the best conditions. The design is simple and elegant for the interior of any car. The ratio of price and quality is very good.

DVD Player Buying Guide


It can be moderated or extended and is always measured in watts (W). If you opt for the simplest solution, relatively cheap and to give you sound enough to have a pleasant experience at the wheel, choose a player with moderate power, distributed on 4 channels. Accepts values of 4 x 30W and 4 x 45W in this case. Precautions should be taken when you have already purchased a car speaker because their power must necessarily be adapted to the power amplifier built-in DVD player. If you are among the people who put a lot of emphasis on the amount of decibels developed by the music in the car, you will have to fork more money in your pocket to satisfy your whim, buying a device with 4 x 50W or 4 x 55W, thus a higher power.


It is recommended to choose a device that can play data from various types of media: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD movies and even behave like a CD player, allowing to be read CD, CD-RW or CD-R. It can be added other support types, including the SD card or USB Flash Drive. In this way, you can use any type of source, and the music and videos you want to view could be read without any problem. Also, you want to be provided with wide format options as follows: MP3, WMA, AAC, AVI, MP4, JPEG, WAV, MPG, DIVX, VOB or MPEG. So the best devices should indicate that you can listen to music and view maps, photos, videos or even movies and games.


It must include a menu from which you can select and properly play programs, and as many extra features: radio (FM tuner), GPS or Bluetooth. Think that if you have a built in tuner option, you do not need the old radio function because the unit is supplementing on them with all the provided functions by a device of this type, even offers some extras. Not all devices include GPS, and one capable of ensuring so may be slightly more expensive when it comes to buying it, but then you will not need to acquire another separate device for this purpose.

User Interface

It is established based on three key elements: electronic display, intuitive controls, and optional remote control. If you like the model that you choose to respond easily and quickly to commands you give, you must switch to a touch screen. This will help you navigate through the menu options at a touch and the programming device will become extremely easy to use. For passengers on the rear seats, a useful component will be remote, which allows them to use the device menu without bothering you, as a driver. It is important to have access to a port for connecting headphones, so the front passenger can watch videos or movies without sound that can interfere or distract you.


Now you have all the information that will help you choose a quality model, with the certainty that you made an inspired investment. Those who are wondering where to find a top headrest DVD player are advised to seek this type of product on the internet. Online you can order any brand, if you have preferences that are not found in stores, and prices are lower. Quality and warranty of the devices are the same, and if you are not satisfied, you can return to change the player with a better one.